My Little Pisces


Some kids just love water and some just don’t. From my daughter’s first dunk in the pool, she was in love. From my son’s first toes in… not so much. Maybe it’s because she is a Pisces? Who knows… but whatever the reason, she has also absolutely adored her swim lessons. And I could not recommend Jim Herricks Swim School any more! The teachers there are incredible. The pool is clean. It’s fun. They go at your kid’s pace. The property has a little play area for my little guy while my girl swims. It’s a win for the whole family! We’ve been going for over a year now, and even though she knows how to swim at this point, she is just so happy in the pool, I don’t want to stop her lessons. We are hopefully going to start to learn strokes soon. And then we will have to start the tough challenge of tackling the little man into the pool, which I know will be hard. But I also feel confident that this is the place to do it.

So… if you are looking for swim lessons for your kids… and I get asked all the time… I say, without hesitation, this is the place.

And if you do go, say I (Jody Friedericks) recommended you please… I save $5 off my next lesson!!!

On Kling Street (Basically at Laurel Canyon and Moorpark)



  1. Where is she taking classes?

  2. Koren my darling… If you read the full post, I go into full detail about the swim school, it’s name, it’s location and even link to it’s website! Is my blog not working? 🙂

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