Did you know there was a pizza rating system?

OK, seriously, have you heard of the VPN? Well, I haven’t either. But when I started reading the menu at Settebello in Pasadena, I knew they meant serious pizza making business. The Vera Pizza Napoletana (or the VPN as the “in-the-know” refer to it as) was established by Antonio Pace in Napoli, Italy in 1984. According to Settebello’s menu:

“Signore Pace led a group of pizza makers whose sole purpose was to protect the integrity and defend the origin of the pizza making tradition as it began in Napoli over 200 years ago. The VPN charter requires that members use only specific raw ingredients to create the pizza dough, that the dough be worked with the hands, never using a rolling pin and that it be cooked directly on the surface of a bell shaped pizza oven that is fueled solely by wood. The charter also requires specific types of tomatoes be used and only the use of fresh milk or buffalo milk mozzarella is acceptable.”

Marketing genius or is this for real? I had to try. And you know what? As my family can attest, I am known for my over usage of superlatives, but I have to say, this was one of the best pizzas I have ever had. So authentic, so perfect. Crispy, yet chewy. Just the perfect amount of flavor. Next time you find yourself in Pasadena, make a trip here just to check out this VPN rating system. It really means something. For reals.


On Colorado between Lake and Los Robles


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