My favorite place to drink in The 818

Black Market Liquor Bar is by far my favorite place to drink in The Valley. And that’s saying a lot because frankly, I’m not a big drinker to begin with. But when I do get that occasional night out on the town (and I mean occasional cuz after all I am a Mommy of two little ones first and foremost and those nights out don’t happen often) this is where I want to go. I love the vibe here, it’s got a speakeasy kindof feel. All the drinks are handcrafted with care, often using local ingredients. Pictured below is the Yippee Calle – a slightly spicy rum concoction of deliciousness that made me so giddy that my husband made fun of me (that’s a good thing). The food here is all tapas style and by one of my favorite Top Chefs Antonia Lofaso. Everything I have tasted here has been amazing. It’s a great place to come and sit at the bar and hang out, or to come and sit down for dinner. Antonio has a new book coming out in August called the Busy Mom’s Cookbook… sounds just about right for me!

HERE’S A YOJO INSIDER TIP: Go to Black Market on a Sunday Night. It’s the perfect night to hang here when it’s not packed with people, you don’t have to wait an hour for a table, you can enjoy the attention of the awesome mixologists and waitstaff, and not feel old by saying “it’s kindof loud in here!!!” I’m just sayin’…

Black Market Liquor Bar

On Ventura Blvd right around Laurel Canyon



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