This is Top Chef! It’s Not Top Scallop!

It’s me and my favorite Top Chef Fabio!!!
(caveat… he’s one my favorite Top Chefs – I still love the Voltaggios and Richard Blaze)

Strawberry Balsamic Martini – otherwise known as YUM!!!
Trust me on this one people.


Crostino Di Pancetta – made with the most delicious imported burrata cheese.
But my favorite part are these crispy bits of sage sprinkled on the plate


The Pork Chop with Truffled Gnocchi
The menu description says: “The best pork chop you ever had.”
They are 100% correct. I kid you not.

You too can have all this and more (like the Roasted Chicken he won an episode of Top Chef with or a super awesome Bolognese)
at Firenze Osteria on Lankershim (of all places) just South of Moorpark St. in Toluca Lake.

4212 Lankershim Blvd


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