My secret for killer looking skin

I really don’t take compliments very well. But there are two compliments that I adore… that I just soak in and smile, because I know the secret to their success, and they remind me of a happy little time in my life.

  1. I have amazing skin.
  2. I don’t look as old as I am.

Here’s my secret. It comes in a little bottle. And it’s called Giorgio Armani’s Fluid Sheer Foundation. And about 15 or so years ago, it changed my life. Up until that point, I had never even considered wearing foundation. I thought it was gross. And that women who wore it looked like they had their face caked on. But during some down time on a business trip to New York, I found myself at Saks, and somehow, magically was introduced to this new makeup line. And I fell in love. Hard. At that time in the mid 90s, my career was bringing me to NYC frequently. And the only place you could purchase Armani makeup was at Saks in midtown. So began my addiction. My face was glowing radiant. I was getting compliments about my skin left and right. I was loving it! But it was also doing some serious damage to my pocket book, as this stuff was expensive!

But then a wonderful thing happened. I was reading the Sunday morning paper, and saw an ad… Giorgio Armani makeup was expanding and opening up at Saks in Chicago! I couldn’t believe what I was reading. My mind began to spin. Just a few weeks prior, on a low budget photoshoot for a client, I had acted as the makeup artist for the models. And I had done a pretty good job. Could I possibly get a weekend gig at the Armani counter to sustain my makeup habit? Oh… think of the samples I could get! Think of the tips I could learn!! What fun could be had!!! Now… mind you, at the time, I was a Creative Director at one of the hottest agencies in Chicago, running the agency’s largest piece of business. Eating dinner at work was the norm. Why would I possibly want to take on a second job? Well, it didn’t seem like a second job to me. It seemed like a dream.

So, I applied. I went to the training session, and somehow I fooled them all and I got the job! And every Saturday or Sunday, I was there, on Michigan Avenue, helping women find their shade of Fluid Sheer Foundation, applying eye shadows and lipsticks and loving every minute transforming these women and making them feel more beautiful. The job lived up to every expectation. There were contests and incentive programs to win product – which of course I did with glee. And I was earning enough extra income to cover the amount I was spending on this ridiculous habit and having a great time doing it.

My makeup career dreams came to an end when I moved to LA. Now I just visit the counter like a regular consumer. I don’t like to tell them that I used to work for the line. Mostly because I love to be pampered and “done up” like the rest of ya’ll and I don’t want them to treat me differently. I still wear Armani products almost exclusively. I swear by this foundation (BTW I’m a 5.5). And I adore their eye shadows, eye liners, lipsticks, lip glosses, blushes (especially no.10) and the Eyes To Kill mascara rocks my world daily.

Luckily, Armani is now available just about anywhere. And, if you live in the Valley, go see Katrina at Bloomingdales. Tell her I sent you. She’s amazing.

I promise, you and your skin will thank me.




  1. Kate

    Sephora in Meatpacking is now carrying it too. You converted me a long time ago—I love all of the GA products!

  2. simone

    I was about to dump almost 50 bucks at Laura Mercier for tinted moisturizer, but maybe I should try Armani instead?

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