This brush changed our lives!

My 4 year old gets the worst tangles and knots I have ever seen. Brushing her hair was a constant struggle that resulted in tears nightly. I have had to negotiate with her on letting me get thru the knots by letting her watch a “House show” (HGTV) while brushing, getting chocolate chips afterwards, or any such other reward, just to let me brush her hair. It was ridiculous. And even then, it was a massive battle and never without screams and crocodile sheds of tears. And it killed me to hurt her every single day. There had to be a solution… so I started to do research. I tried organic “Monkey” spray to detangle. It really did nothing. I tried leaving in her conditioner. That didn’t work either. After scouring the internet, I then ordered for a measly $8 off of “The Wet Brush.” And I swear, this thing has changed our night time lives. There is barely a squeal when I brush through her locks. There are no more negotiations, no more House show viewings, and no more chocolate chips before bed. She lets me brush with ease. Of course, there is still an occasional knot, but for the most part, this brush is magical… in fact in our house, it’s now called the Magic Brush. I suggest anyone with a knotty little girl, to click immediately on the link below and try it out. I hope it works as well for you as it did for us.

YoJo Insider Tip: You CANNOT pick your color! So you must stress to that picky preschooler as I had to do when we got blue (oh the horror!!!)… just as Pinkalicious says “You get what you get… and you don’t get upset.”)



  1. Simone

    I just bought one for Parker’s matted stringy dreary locks! Thank you!

  2. Simone

    Dready! Not dreary!

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