The Must Have Item For Fall: Monkeybar Buddies

A friend recently asked me if I had heard about Monkeybar Buddies, and to my horror (as I like to be the first to know) (that is a joke people…), I had not. She told me, they were little shorts that girls wear under their skirts and tutus so when they are at the park or at school, no one can see their undies. Lovin’ that idea, especially since none of the cute little bloomers fit my now 4-1/2 year old anymore and I have been actually wondering what to do about the situation! I needed to investigate. Then I forgot, being a working mom and all with about a million and one other things to do. But, then I was at Target on a back to school shopping spree with the said 4-1/2 year old and there they were, the Monkeybar Buddies!!! Tons of colors and patterns to choose from and super cheap too! So we stocked up, and now my little one is wearing them almost every day (as she refuses to wear pants). As an unfortunate side effect, she likes them so much, that she has chosen them as her new favorite clothing item and has left the house without a skirt on top, which has turned the said Monkeybar Buddies into hot pants… which is not quite the effect I had intended. Regardless, I believe these are the greatest invention ever for little girls who like to wear skirts and dresses.

YOJO INSIDER TIP: If shopping at Target and your kid is like mine, around 4ish… and in the middle ground where you shop in the Toddler section still but have started perusing the Girls section for XS… The Monkeybar Buddies in the Toddler section are $5. In the Girls section they come in 2-packs  – so you get 2 for I think $7… a much better deal!!!



  1. Kate

    Like mother, like daughter—I can picture Maya in hot pants, like you in cut offs! xoxo

  2. you will never let me live those down!!! 🙂 mimsi!!!

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